DIY Coffee Table Pet Bed

DIY Coffee Table Pet Bed

DIY- Coffee- Table- Pet- Bed


Do you want your pet to have its own cozy place, to cuddle and play whenever he wants to? All you need for the project is an Octagon shaped wooden coffee table and some basic tools that you will find in your any kind of tool box. To make the pet bed, remove one part of the coffee table as shown in the pictures and fill it with a nice fabric. Add a cozy pillow to the bottom of the table that will be your pet’s bed. Make sure to sand the part of the table where you made a hole, so your little friend won’t hurt itself. You can also paint the outside of the coffee table in any color you want, decorate it in order to match the rest of your furniture. Place the small coffee table bed in the living room or in the room you spend most of your time, so your beloved pet can be close to you anytime.

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